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Custom cryogenics for quantum information and physical sciences

About Us

Cryogenic Design Solutions was founded in 2019, offering specialized low temperature knowledge to the fields of physics, astronomy and quantum information. CDS provides engineering, design and operational services on a contract or retained basis to academia, government and industry.

With three decades' experience in low temperature experiments, CDS offers full-cycle development of bespoke cryogenic systems, from specification and concept through detailed design, fabrication in collaboration with trusted partners, and on-site support, installation and training.

Our experience encompasses the full range of cryogenic technologies down to millikelvin temperatures, liquid cryogen and cryogen-free systems, and operation not just in the laboratory but from deep underground, remote mountain observatories and to the stratosphere and beyond on balloons, aircraft and satellites. Beyond refrigeration, we also have expertise in cryoelectronics, RF systems, optics and cryogenic mechanisms.

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